Register as an Embryll accredited veterinarian.

Embryll accredited veterinarians will perform the following tasks:

  • Helping customers understand the meaning and process of cell transplantation
  • Determining and ordering the optimal combination of cells to be transplanted into a pet
  • Collecting tissues from pets without unnecessary pain or injury and sending them to Embryll
  • Sending pets’ medical records to Embryll
  • Receiving ordered cells and transplanting them safely into pets
  • Monitoring pets’ health status continuously after cell transplantation

Therefore, the role of veterinarians is very important during whole cell transplantation. This necessitates close cooperation between veterinarians and Embryll to successfully complete cell transplantation.

This relationship begins by registering as an Embryll accredited veterinarian. Any veterinarian with an official license is eligible to become an Embryll accredited veterinarian. Please apply here first. After submitting the application, several verification procedures will be conducted to determine whether cell transplantation can be performed at your veterinary hospital. Upon completion of all procedures, an applicant will be able to start cell transplantation as an Embryll accredited veterinarian. Cells can be ordered here.

Customers need help from veterinarians.

The role of a veterinarian is critical in providing the best cell transplantation service to customers. Most customers will ask for their veterinarian’s help in deciding what kind of cells need to be transplanted into their pets. Cell transplantation service begins by responding to their requests accurately in detail. Having Embryll’s brochure available at your clinic will provide effective customer service. Order a recent brochure with descriptions about the overall cell transplantation service for pets. In addition, many veterinarians ask if they can state that they are an Embryll accredited animal hospital in their marketing phrase. Of course, please use the following phrase.

Our OOO Animal Hospital is an Embryll accredited animal hospital.