R&D Strategy

To carry out a historically unprecedented mission that is transplanting youth, Embryll has adopted the following three R&D strategies.

1. We aim for practical solutions.

Embryll’s goal is not to pass clinical trials. Embryll aims for practical solutions that enable sustainability of biological phenomena by good health via deep understanding and insight into the laws of nature and the history of life. This perspective is the core of Embryll’s R&D strategy and most fundamental driving force in accomplishing Embryll’s mission of transplanting youth.

2. There is no limit in our research areas.

In accomplishing our mission, Embryll’s research areas are not limited to the field of life sciences. Embryll strives to find success not only in the field of life sciences but also in deep insight derived from organic integration of various scientific fields, such as adaptive optics, label-free imaging, nano 3D printing, nanoscopy, holotomography, photoacoustic, and deep learning.

3. If there is a problem, we commit to finding a solution.

Embryll’s cloned embryonic primary cells are currently being transplanted only into pets. These cells cannot be transplanted into humans currently, because some steps to manufacture these cells are not legally allowed. However, we are seeking new solutions that can substitute these steps in artificial uteruses, organoids, and bioprinting.